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Retina 2022

Retina 2022

Data: 16 a 19 de março de 2022

Local: São Paulo – SP

Sobre o Retina 2022:

Dear colleagues,

I kindly invite you to join us at the BRAVS Meeting 2022 at Bienal – São Paulo.

It will be a fantastic presencial meeting. Enjoy the opportunity to meet friends and exchange high level of scientific information with our international and national friends at the fabulous Bienal Art Gallery internationally known as a landmark of São Paulo and Brazil.

Let’s all be together in this new BRAVS era.

We have prepared an unique meeting focused on science, technology and innovation that will be part of BRAVS history!

See you and your family in person soon!

Warmest regards

Maurício Maia
President: BRAVS 2020-2022



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